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Are you looking for corporate team-building activities and games in San Antonio or anywhere else in the state of Texas? Boost team morale with this exciting relationship-building opportunity. Your team is guaranteed to have a blast working together and you will love the results.

Corporate Team Building for
San Antonio & Beyond!

Mobile Escape Room Texas is the best option for your corporate team building needs because it lets you choose a location that is convenient for you – we take care of the rest. We are based out of San Antonio, TX but will travel up to 300 miles. Everything about our team-building activities is created with your convenience in mind; you pick the time and the place. It’s that simple!


Team Meeting


Relationship Building

Working together to accomplish a common goal can strengthen interpersonal relationships. An escape room encourages communication between members and can help break down barriers that may have otherwise stayed up in a workplace.

Similing Team


Team Cohesion

Team building events can have a powerful impact on the bond the team shares by making them work together, interact, and ultimately have fun!

Team High Five


Enhanced Communication

Communication is key in successfully completing an escape room, as it is key in a work environment. By using our escape room as your team building event, you will encourage increased and effective communication between team members.

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